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Local Guide

Looking for local resident in Blitar that can speak english and come with you to many interesting place in Blitar such as  Ir Soekarno cemetery, Penataran Temple or another beautiful place? If you looking for that, you can contact us by mail.

We are not professional on traveling guide, we just want to help you to get information or access interesting place in Blitar. We can’t speak english well, but we believe that helping you can improve our speaking skill.

We can’t help many people, because we have another job. If we are free, we can help you. Seriously. You just need to pay accomodation such as parking fee, fuel, and rent car with driver (if you come in groups). Because we just have a motorcycle and motorcycle license. So, if you come in group, you need to pay rent car with the driver.

Make sure that you contact me at least 2  / 3 weeks before coming here.

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